Half Day Diet Review

diet for resultsThis Half Day Diet review is meant to clear the air about the programs worth. There are many misconceptions about the half day diet and numerous other diets that are similar. If you skip through the internet I know you will find claims that this product is a sham and you will also find reviews lauding the product.

This half day diet plan review is for the purpose of providing an unbiased perspective on the legitimacy of the product and the theory behind it.


The Claimmuscular

The half day diet plan claims that by following the program you can eat carbs while dieting, but only at a strategic time during the day. By following this system you can lose weight relatively quickly.

The fitness community sometimes dismisses some of the ideas presented in the program. One, because everywhere you look, fitness gurus, TV, internet and magazines all claim that to lose weight you need to cut out most of the carbs in your diet to lose weight. Two, because just eating carbs at one time during the day is too simple to work.


The Confusion Around Carbs

Ok so the idea behind the program might seem to be too simple to work. Because it goes against the traditional dieting methods it cant possibly work. Some might see it this way.

However, before we dismiss the program as complete nonsense lets just take a look at a few of half day diet reviewthe common misconceptions surrounding carbs and dieting today. The underlying principals for what many mainstream diets are built off of today revolve around carbs.

The most widely believed theory about carbs in today’s culture is that “carbs make you fat”.

This idea is by far the most common misconception in the dieting industry and is the root theory for which many diets are centered around today. This is mainly because people see carbs as “snack food” or not food of any real nutritional value. There is some truth to this. After all, simple sugars found in skittles are carbohydrates and yes skittles are junk food that will lead you to gain weight if you eat enough of them. However, healthy carbohydrates are an essential part of your every day diet and by healthy carbohydrates, I mean compound carbohydrates such as whole grain bread. Eating the proper amount of carbohydrates is 100 percent healthy since doing so allows your body to function properly. As long as you eat the right proportions, you wont gain weight.


Problems With Low Carb Diets

Alright so carbs aren’t that bad when you eat the right kinds of carbs and in the right amounts. That being said we can now understand why low carb diets simply are ineffective. Listed here are the researched explanations for why low carb diets are ineffective and the effective alternative solution that the half day diet provides.

For the record, these problems with low carb diets aren’t simply bits of information regurgitated from the program. Outlined here is well researched and up to date information that the program builds off of.


Low Carb Diet Number Problem 1

Your body needs carbs to function properly.half day diet review

When carbohydrates are consumed they are broken down into glucose which is the primary energy source for the body. Let me reiterate this point. Carbohydrates are the primary energy source for the body.

Carbohydrates are like the gas for your car and without them in your system, you wont be getting too far.

By cutting out carbs completely or by only taking in a small amount of carbs every day your entire metabolism begins to sputter out and you lose much of the energy you once had.

Some of the symptoms that you would experience from a low carb diet include

  • A weakened immune system so you become easily susceptible to sickness
  • Slower cognitive function, or “brain fog”
  • Irregular sleep
  • Extreme decrease in energy
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Most importantly, carbs slow your metabolism to a snails pace which makes it that much harder for your body to burn through fat and lose weight. This of course is the key  reason why low carb diets simply don’t work.


Low Carb Diet Problem Number 2hald diet day

Because carbs are essential for living you develop cravings for them.

The body needs carbs to survive. Therefore when you cut carbs from your diet, you can only last so long before you start to develop cravings for them.

These craving aren’t just the types of cravings you get when you just have a hankering for a bit of ice cream because you feel like ice cream. These cravings come from your body telling you, that you need carbs right now or else your body wont be able to function.

This is why the cravings are so strong. In order to ensure your survival your body ultimately forces you to eat carbs because they simply are a necessity. No debate.


Low Carb Diet Problem Number 3doggy

For the long run, low carb diets are not sustainable.

You can’t expect to stay on one for more than a few weeks primarily because your body needs carbs to function. These diets typically play out in stages…

In the first stage you might be super motivated to start your new low carb or no carb diet. You cut every carb from your diet and a day goes by without a hitch. In the second stage you begin to feel groggy. Your body becomes zapped of energy through the next week and so your activity slows down as well as your cognitive functioning. You go into complete zombie mode. In stage three you begin to realize that you don’t even have the energy to workout like you are supposed to and as your body intensely craves a piece of bread, you give in and go for it.

This is usually how it plays out. The people who do benefit from low carb diets are people who use them in the short run like body builders that need to shed a little bit of body fat in a two weeks for a competition. No one can bear through a diet like this for the long run because your body simply wont function properly without carbs.


Importance Of Timinghalf diet

Carbs are important to consume for when you are dieting. However this does not mean you should gorge on pasta and rolls 24/7 and expect to lose weight. You can lose weight and eat a healthy amount of carbs everyday, however you must do so at the right ideal times. This methodology is of course what the half day diet plan capitalizes on.

Here is how timing your carbs comes to play. Lets start when you wake up…

When you wake up your body feeds off of carbs and fats as fuel as you go about your daily activities. By not eating carbs during the day your body simply burns through the carbs stored from the previous day.

Through out the day and into the afternoon your metabolism slows down due to the lack of carb intake and the fat burning process begins to slow down as well. This is where you get to start eating carbs.

By evening you can begin to eat carbs again, thus spiking your insulin levels and revving up youralarm dmetabolism.

From here you can go to sleep with an active metabolism that will leave you in the perfect state of fat burning for the next morning.

Believe it or not this is arguably the most natural way to diet. This is actually the evolutionary process we are hardwired to follow. Early man spent much of his time scavenging for food during the day and feasting by night once he was able to obtain food.

Our bodies have adapted to this pattern making it one of the most natural and effective ways to diet.


So How Can The Half Day Diet Help You?half day diet

Ultimately, based the most up to date research the old way of dieting by cutting out carbs is simply ineffective. This is where the half day diet comes into play. The sole purpose of the program is to provide a comprehensive diet plan that capitalizes eating carbs at strategic times in the day. Ultimately by cutting out carbs in the first half of the day and then eating carbs on the second half of the day by following the program, you will be able lose weight effectively, naturally, and by still being able to enjoy carbs.

The program sounds extremely simple and straight forward, and to be fair the concept certainly is. However I wouldn’t recommend going out and trying to replicate it. Your success with this diet depends on eating at specific times of the day and in certain quantities that are specific to your own body type. By following the program you can determine some of these details but otherwise I couldn’t promise any real results by simply trying to implement the theory.


Who is Nate Miyaki?Nate mikaki half day

Nate Miyaki, the creator of the half day diet is a professional fitness coach, a bodybuilding, and fitness expert. He runs his own independent diet consulting and fitness training practice in San Francisco, California. Over the course of 15 year helping people lose weight and get into shape Nate has built one of the top practices in California and has helped thousands of people reach their goals.

Only until a few years ago did he start putting his clients on this innovative diet and the results speak for themselves. Nate himself and his wife also been practicing the same techniques that he uses with his clients which has kept himself in top shape while enjoying carbs.


What You Get From The Half Day Diet Program

The 5 different parts to the Half Day Diet

Part 1: My story: The Need For The Half Day Diet- The first part of the eBook goes into Nate Miyaki’s personal story and explains his experience in the fitness industry. Here Nate talks about how he came up with the half day diet plan. He breaks down his research and findings in order to explain the diets effectiveness

Part 2: The Fat Loss And Health Enhancement Hierarchy- The second part goes into the details of how you should approach dieting. This section explains how you should prepare yourself for the program. There is also instruction on how you should prioritize the different details of the program

Part 3: (15 Lessons)- The fifteen lessons contained in the third part of the ebook outline the most essential information in the program. Here you will learn everything you need to know about how to implement the diet into your routine, the types of foods you should be eating, recipes, workouts, and other minor lifestyle adjustments.

Part 4: (appendix 1 and 2)- Everyone’s body is different. Therefore everyone needs to adjust the program to their own personal body type and goals. This section includes various calorie charts and calculations that you can use to adjust the program to your personal body type. This way you can get the most from the half day diet by adjusting the diet to your needs.

Part 5: The last part gives some final details on how to move forward. In addition you can here find some more information on Nate and his credentials.

In addition you get three bonus eBooks including the restaurant and fast food survival guide, the happy hour hand book, the holiday fat loss manual, and the flat belly platinum club.


Pros- Half Day Diet Review

  • The diet is relatively straight forward once you internalize all the minor details. As long as you stick to the plan outlined in the half day diet that caters to your body type and needs, you will have no problem losing weight.
  • The diet its self is not some wild and outlandish diet. You don’t need to starve your body or part day dietsome obscure miracle solution for weight loss. You don’t need to put yourself through any major lifestyle changes to get the full effects of the diet
  • The program provides more than enough information about the detail of the actual diet. It includes the food you should eat, the strategic times during the day you should eat them, exercises and more.
  • The program caters to your own needs and lifestyle habits. You can adjust the program to fit your lifestyle habits so that you can get the full effects without having to push yourself through intense gym sessions.
  • A sizable amount of material relative to the price


Cons- Half Day Diet Review

  • The diet its self is effective, however it does take a considerable amount of discipline to part time dietfollow
  • The program remarks that you don’t need to necessarily go to the gym to get results. The program even has an option to adjust the program to a sedentary lifestyle. However daily exercise is recommended for the best effect.
  • The eBook does not give too much information about the workouts that you can implement. Although nutrition is most important when it comes to losing weight however more information about workouts would be nice



To wrap up this half day diet review, personally I would recommend the half day diet to anyone thumbs up looking for a reasonable and effective solution to fat loss. The diet is outlined based on Nate’s years of research and experience practicing the methods with his own personal clients and has benefited thousands. However to get the full effects from the program it is essential that you follow the program closely and systematically. The people that get frustrated with their results are the ones who don’t follow the instructions or study the material. That being said if you internalize the half day diets teachings and take action, I can guarantee that you will see results.


Thank you for reading! I hope this Half Day Diet review provided some value.